Trying to decide which healthcare provider to see? Seeking medical advice online?

Written by Ann Dennison Ann Dennison
Published: 06 April 2021 06 April 2021

Finding a new healthcare provider or specialist can be a daunting task.  It’s important and natural to seek the advice of family, friends, and neighbors.  Just remember while you are sifting through this valuable information, that healthcare needs are as unique as you. 

For example, a rotator cuff surgery on one patient may be more complex with additional joint repair, than what may be needed for someone else.  A patient’s back pain could be caused by a strained muscle or by vertebral issues.   Add in a patient’s adherence to the provider’s recommendations, medical history, and personality traits, which make direct comparisons difficult.   You should also not be afraid to ask the providers you are considering specific questions about their experience. 

Doing your due diligence, but keeping these possible differences in mind will help you in your search for reliable information about healthcare providers.


Kristen Pagano