Sports downtime got you down?

While regular sporting activities and practices are currently canceled due to the global health crisis, it doesn't mean that your child's sport-specific ability has to suffer.  In fact, there are a few positives to having this extra downtime.

  1. Get back to basics.  This is a great opportunity for athletes to work on the basic foundational skills in their sport without the increased training volume of regular practices and competitions.  Get out and practice the basics of passing and receiving and perfect your skills with repeated practice.  Work on your overall conditioning and strength by developing a fitness program.  Ideally, this should include some cardiovascular training, strength training, using either body weight or resistance, at least 2 days a week, and flexibility exercises.
  2. Injury Recovery and Prevention.  Now is a great time to reflect on the various aches and pains that occur during the season and figure out a plan to prevent them from reoccurring.  Seeking out advice or evaluation by our physical therapists could help you identify areas of weakness or faulty movement patterns that need to be addressed.  Our clinic is offering both in-clinic and telehealth options for evaluation.
  3. Study the game.  Take the time to watch a video of your sport, whether that is recorded from one of your previous games, or a professional or college level game.  Analyze the game and look for ways to improve.
  4. Cross-train.  Overuse injuries are common in sports especially for those athletes who play the same sport year-round.  Take advantage of the opportunity to get out and go for a bike ride, walk or hike with your family, maybe even try rollerblading.  New activities require us to use our muscles in different ways and develop different movement patterns and athletic skills while allowing some time for our overused muscles to rest.

Use this downtime to help you become a more well-rounded and stronger athlete.  If you need help developing a fitness plan or want to be assessed by a physical therapist to determine your best action plan, please feel free to contact our clinic to schedule an evaluation.  

Jen Buono, PT, DPT


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