Are you having difficulty sticking to your New Year’s resolution to lose weight?   Here are some benefits of weight loss that may help motivate you:

  • Losing weight will decrease stress to your leg joints with every day and recreational activities. 
  • Losing weight decreases the work load of your heart to pump blood throughout your body at rest and during activity.
  • Regular exercise to help with weight loss may also be an effective anti-depressant to help reduce the effects of the “winter blahs.”
  • Losing weight has been shown to improve cognitive functions such as attention, memory, language and executive functions of the brain (impulse and emotional control, adjusting to the unexpected, planning, initiation of tasks, and organizational skills). 


If you need help with your weight loss goals, your physical therapist can help!

Thank you for reading and stay active!



Veronese N et al.  Neurosci Biobehav Rev 2017 Jan;72:87-94.


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