What Can Physical Therapy Do For You?

physical therapyYet another Physical Therapy Month is upon us, otherwise known as October.  This year for PT month, we thought we would give you a refresher on the benefits of physical therapy.  In our first blog, we discussed what physical therapy is.  In case you missed that one, you can check out that previous blog information here.  Now, let’s review what PT can do for you.

Physical therapy can be used to treat a large variety of ailments and conditions from low back pain to traumatic brain injuries, strokes to ankle sprains, rotator cuff repairs to balance problems, and the list goes on.  Each of these conditions is different and is treated differently, but the overarching goal is the same: improving function. 

One of the biggest fundamental themes in physical therapy is improving mobility and motion.  As obesity continues to be a huge issue for Americans, movement is a vital weapon for fighting this epidemic.  The more we can move around even for everyday tasks, the healthier we can be.  Physical therapy can help to improve an individual’s ability to move after surgery, an injury, ophysical therapyr simply when movement becomes difficult after years of being sedentary.  Physical therapists also help to prevent injury through strengthening, flexibility, balance, and coordination; thus maintaining your ability to stay mobile and active.  Physical therapists are human movement experts and as such, are well equipped to help individuals improve sports or job task performance.

Physical therapy offers a conservative option to surgery or prescription drugs.  While sometimes surgery is the only option for a patient, research suggests that physical therapy is often just as effective as, and cheaper than, going under the knife.  Additionally, physical therapy can assist with decreasing pain resulting in less dependence on long term prescription drugs.  If surgery is ultimately determined to be the best option for you, then physical therapy can help improve your results both before and after surgery.

One of the most important components of physical therapy is that we work WITH you!  Your goals matter to us.  We will collaborate with you in order to focus on your individual goals, challenges, and needs; and you will be an active participant in your recovery.  At Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness, we make sure that this is the case with each of our patients.  Our slogan here is Expert Care with a Personal Touch, and we make sure to live up to that.





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