Pam J. (Patient):

Working closely with my doctor; Ann focused on my particular needs while stepping out of the box when necessary to develop a personalized program that changed my life.  My pain is reduced, my appetite has improved, I sleep better and I have more energy and stamina.

Ann's extensive knowledge, experience and intuitive insight lifted the 13 year glass ceiling on my chronic pain.  She enabled my very successful recovery from neck surgery and gave me the gift of a viable existence.

Erin C. (Patient and Physical Therapist):

I was very impressed with Ann's knowledge and skill level and her ability to creatively problem-solve to address my changing needs. I feel like I greatly benefited from her PT services and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of adult orthopedic care.

Constance M. (Patient):

My physician arranged physical therapy for me at Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness in Mechanicsburg under the supervision of Dr. Ann Dennison, to whom the clinic belongs.

On my initial visit there, I was very impressed with the layout of the clinic.  I did not see one huge gym with many people crowded together.  There is one large room with various types of equipment and a number of smaller rooms for more private care.  I was pleased with this.  Ann spends quality time with each person.

Ann is highly educated and is well traveled.  Her receptionist, Bonnie, is also very helpful.  They are courteous, pleasant, friendly and inspire confidence.  I have performed feats I never thought I would ever do and really enjoy.  I enjoy being with these girls and have told my family members and friends what fun it is.

My 40-year-old granddaughter said that as long as she has known me, she has never seen me show so much enthusiasm about anything.  My husband and two sons are also pleased.

Needless to say, I love my therapist.  

Keith G. (Patient):

Dr. Ann is a very knowledgeable and competent professional who provides exemplary treatment and service to her clients.


William H. (Patient):

I could not be more impressed than I am about Advanced PT!  Each PT and/or person was a wonderful experience, both professionally and personally.  They are all the best." 

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